Saturday, October 28, 2006

Popcorn and Indian cricket..

Today was one of those days when u hv nothing to do and so surfing and getting bored somehow keeps u back in the office till the time the clock ticks the 6 pm mark. While doing this, I came across two articles. One by one of my favourite colmnist Mr. Harsha bhogle and the other in TOI.
The first one is no doubt a gem of an article which describes the undecided, unprofessional and unhealthy manner in which BCCI is being run while the spat between ICC and BCCI continues to pinch all cricket lovers. Cricket, as it is getting more and more commercialized has taken a backstage and somehow the romance is getting lost. It is now a revenue earner for the organizers and the players, a timepass for a mad nation and an anarchic battleground to settle personal scores and vendetta. In all these hulla-bullahs the genuine cricket lovers are missing and shying away from the field, are giving the telecast a miss. That's not probably going to cost neither BCCI nor players, as this money earning saga will continue till economy is booming and India continues to win one or two matches occassionally. Then there is media to put the final icing. The same panel of self proclaimed experts give confusing and reversing judgements on different channels to make a mockery of the sport and showing their prudence only in choosing which side of the fence they want to be.
I couldn't help but read repeatedly the last paragraph of the wonderful article by Harsha, which probably would offend some modern cricket lovers and new found cricket enthusiast. Like Harsha I also hope that this great game survives this turbulent phase in India.

The second article indicated that probably the old adage of "completion of the cycle" is coming near for some "dynamic duo". If I remember correctly, I have come accross some articles a few days back when everyone was going ga-ga over the master strategist in the indian dressing room and how his "no-nonsense, you-are-not-bigger-than-game" kind a attitude is helping India win matches after matches consistently. Suddenly all hunky dories are over and the Indian team is finding themselves in a slightly patchy pitch before all important South Africa tour or World cup. All is not over yet as one win will change everything as it happens in this part of the world, but but something is pinching somebody. In a spate of few matches the blue eyed boys are finding their cricket bats less wider to cover the swing of the ball or the bowling a little bit more to their unliking. The future all rounder is looking a fish out of water at no.3 position and a section is getting worried over the future of "_____way".With due respect to "resurgent Indian team" I fear that a few more defeats would not be very pleasent for them, as already a poor fellow sitting outside the ring is asking supporters to cheer "Huu-haa india" kind a slogan. The game has stooped so low that even exploiting emotions of a few doesn't matter as long as it generates profit for the treasurer. These days the stadiums are not getting choc-a-block, the passion is missing in the team (vide newspaper reports) and fielding is not a satisfied department to talk about.
How I wish these things had not happened. How I tell that these things are not new in Indian cricket and how dearly I know that athleticism or no athleticism, the cricket played in India is different from the one down under.
I had stopped myself till this date to write anything related to cricket but couldn't beat the proverb of "an idle brain is an evil's workshop". I wish India all the best for the World cup (don't bother about being gobbled up in SA tour, that's a routine story guys) and pray for a pleasent end to one of my most cherished and loved cricketer.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Refreshing breaks and...

It was destined to be two tuff months brushing with corporate offices and doing something for which all of us toiled hard for the past one and a half years. Instead it turned out to be two beautiful months of hard work and wonderful breaks.The first one came during the Dussherra and the next one during grand Diwali. Both these breaks were refreshing to the core and I was thrilled to be wavering in the lap of mother nature.

The climax of the first tour had to be the rafting from shivpuri to ramjhula through Ganges. It is unexplainable to say the least and the only way to explain it should be to ask to take that trip. Never knew that ganges is so beautiful (people like me, who are used to see ganges at Kolkata can only dream about such clean water) and could be so exciting. Each and every rapids, the slogans, the unique way of sitting and the fun of jumping in the river were just icing on the cake.
The second break was during diwali and a sudden plan to visit dharamsala somehow materialized at the last moment. We had a deadly combo of an Indica crusing at 90-100 kmph with a sleepy man behind the wheel while cruising through national highway. Never in my life have I thanked Indian government so much. Just because of the dividers we managed to be back safely to delhi. So many times our car had kissed the back of a 32 feet huge truck with whispering wind between death and us. The best thing we did in this trip was not to take a camera. Fortunately we had enough memory space to fill our soul and eyes.
On both this fun and thrill filled trip I had come across incidents which I am afraid, should not have happened. The first one was when we were coming back from our first trip and the second one during our visit to Amritsar.How could one explain a national highway being blocked and the entire traffic being diverted just because some wealthy person is getting married? Such people who are insensitive to the core and put humanity to utter shame should be banned.
If this was not enough then the scene in amritsar had given a rude shock. Thanks to our wonderful public and tourists, the famous (or infamous?) Jalianwalabug place has been turned into a virtual picnic spot. People are enjoying their evening at a place which was bathed with bloods of their innocent countrymen few years ago. An incident which compelled Tagore to give up his knighthood, an incident which shook the entire India, now only gives way to evening walk and entertainment. Never before I have hated commercialization so much as I have during my visit to Amritsar. If we cannot respect our hsitory the least we could do is not to defame it.

My wonderful country !!! How on earth could we be so insensitive to its needs and glorious past. I fear to dream of an India where probably battlefields could be made a tourist spot and roads could be put on rent for social functions. And my biggest fear is that I am not too far fetched from truth.
May thy god save all of us...