Monday, July 31, 2006

Jibonanonder proti...

Tomar sathe amar porichoy hotath sedin
borosa bhora soghono bihono ratri
Hoyto tomay ageo dekhechi swapone
Buhjini mora je eki pother jatri..

Tomake dekhechi tarpore bohubar,
Jenechi tomar asha bedonar bhasa.
Tomar kobita se ki nirob ohonkar
Nirala e buke ajo se jagai asha..

Jotobar ami proshno korechi ghure
Uttor jeno esheche batashe boye
Milemishe geche tomar amar chobi
Amar proshno tomar proshno hoye

Gangur,shalik o behular sei bhela
Bonolota r nirob premer nesha
Poka kata sei jiboner akibuki
Ajo tara sob moder rokte mesha

Edeshe keno je abar elena tumi
Ei banglar dhongshabrito pathe
Tomakei jeno gorbo prachir mora
Manusher joye premer jibon rathe.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Saalam Bombay...Showed me the way

In the past one week I have witnessed so much carnage,carnage by nature and some man made,that sometimes I really feel that I am becoming numb, that my feelings are getting senseless and that I have stopped caring for others. I have really feared about that situation when I remain untouched while somebody beside me is in visible trouble and I would mourn that day when people would stop responding to pains of fellow ones.
But, thank god that I saw mumbai yesterday, the day of Mumbai's tryst with terror. I saw a city full of courage, a city with unflinching resilience and a city which would put even the safest and best city in the world to utter shame. I have never been out of India, but can safely claim that there can never be a better city than this one as far as resilience and camaraderie in the troubled time is concerend. We all saw how New York reacted to 9/11, we saw how Madrid gripped in fear after it was bombed and I saw Mumbai after it was shattered with serial blasts. The sheer attitude of these people should make any coward terrorist die in its bed.
For the statistics, almost 200 people died and 800 injured in a serial blast of 7 bombs on the western subarban railway line during the most peak and rush hours. But it hide the other side of the story. The story of inimitable courage, of a never say die attitude, of a city which when hit by a calamity, stopped and gathered itself and then again started running. I salute mumbai and all its people from the core of my heart for what I have seen in the past week.

But, during a freewheeling chat with one of my friend and even after that I was thinking an even more basic question. A question which I must answer for myself to come out of the grief, a question which I shouldn't dodge for a better and safe life, a question which transforms the basis of our life. It is this question with which I started off this writing. With no contribution to the fight (we went to donate blood but by that time it was too late and the requirement was met), with no contribution to the good work what we can claim to be a part of? I am still in trouble to find out about the apathy that we show towards these happenings. We would forget everything about this after a week and attribute it towards resilience. Is it so? Think of those who has lost their near and dear ones in this massacare. For them life will never be the same, for them there is no consolation and there is no word or praise. We would forget them also and probably like some celebrity or political leader would say that - "the show must go on". But is that so easy to happen for everybody? This is where I fear we have become senseless. We are living a so short and selfish life that till the time we are not affected by something we don't care.
We need to change our short sightedness. Can we all do something for those who have been really affected by yesterday's blast? The show should go on, but with everybody playing a part for every other person. We should not suddenly jump the gun of humanitism one fine day due to a terrorist attack, but should carry this caring attitude throughout our life. We all can contribute towards a better and caring India, an India where everybody can depend on others and where everybody is ready to help others on all occassion.

I put to rest my small rufflings by again saluting the common man (mumbai kar) of this city who has showed me what potential lies ahead of us if and only if we care for each other throughout our life.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

An ode to my girlfriend

On sunny days and moonlit nights
Through the rains and in the droughts;
You keep coming and you keep coming
In dreams, in sleeps and in endless thoughts..

So many times I have been asked
All the times I could not answer
So many times I thought I would call you
All the times I didn't have your number.

I am too shy to have you,
I am too nervous to be smart.
Yet I owe so much to you
That you come in my dreams and flirt..

Friends come and they come with you
With perfect pictures and happy smiles
They bug me that I don't have you
And they laugh and pity at my immature styles..

I am not photogenic and I can not sing
I can not play and neither am I outstanding
You know that I fumble often than I talk
How could I then ask you to go for a walk?

You know that I am not fit for a date
And you know that I don't belive in fate.
You know That I need space and I need mind
To talk, to share and to help me unwind..

I have seen my friends and I know myself
I owe you a million thanks for all your help;
Through thicks and thins, through summers and through winters
You have been there, you have been there - in dreams and in shatters.

You are my genie and you are the whole
You are in my dreams and you fill in my soul;
You are a genious and a perfect magician
As you can change my life with magic wand..

I am happy with you and I am happy without you
I am happy with your presence beyond sight
I never have to fight and I never have to moan
I can always meet you in a state of delight..

Stay there as you are
Right in my wishes and in my sweet dreams
I pray that you remain pure and perfect
Till I can touch you and make you scream..


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its Carnival Time on Earth Folks...

Isn't soccer beautiful ?

Soccer with Angels...Who says Germany is not beautiful ?

Netherlands fans at their colourful best...

Look at me...Soccer fever or...

God -make me colourful...Else teach me Samba...

Deutschland Deutschland ....March to Berlin...