Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Now that it has been conclusively proven that communism and right wing activism could reflect an amicable match for the long run, the ideological barrier would be even thinner.

I, for one, always thought of communism and capitalism as different faces of the same coin, separated only by their thin and veiled ideological difference. Now, as physics would say, it is always an unstable equilibrium if you try to balance a thin coin on its rolling side rather than putting one face up. This then, for me describes the antipathy for each other. You could hate it, but to dispose it off totally would mean to dispose off the entire coin.

As with all isms and dogmas, the substance is always lost in details and petty fights over ideological higher ground. The same applies to this also. The success rate of capitalism is higher because of its larger number of applications. And to top that, the eternal proverb of “power corrupts people, absolute power corrupts absolutely” could always use communists as the best example. People might find some exceptions, but then, argument would be “exceptions prove the rule”.

On a less serious note, capitalists don’t realize that they are easy preys. The biggest disadvantage that any theist has is the fear of losing the faith of god or religion. The capitalist fears the loss of wealth, either materially or physiologically. Hence, with a little bit of calculation, they could be won over.

I am not at all surprised that it took a communist to ultimately win the battle.

To be honest, you would always require a matchbox and a match stick to ignite a spark and in the event of failure, it is not always the stick which is at fault. It becomes easier to blame the stick and throw it away as it has a lesser shelf life, hence lower ROI. And the winner takes it all.

P.S1: Very happy that some really good things are happening and communists are at the forefront (no pun intended).

Politically the war might have been lost; the social battle might just be able to reinvigorate it.

P.S2: The only problem with communists is that they are the most predictable non conformist.