Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Opportunism, Hypocrisy and Obiter dictum...

Once my mom asked me - "What do you think you enjoy by creating controversies and being on the other side when you know that majority is a force to be reckoned?"
I, like so many other times, to be very honest, was speechless and dumb enough to find no answer. Even after so many years I cannot fathom what my mom later told me - that it was only an "obiter dictum" and not something to be worried about. I was clueless at that time too.
As a child, like most of others in our motherland, I was taught to be rightful, justified and rational as well as humanatarian in all my actions which I perform consciously or unconsciously. But, as I grew and tried to balance the rope with finnesse I found it impossible to maintain a balance without rocking my own conscious mind. Even today, reasons and justifications come instantly from within even before I fathom what I have actually meant. That means anti establishment again and as my mom told me once - I take all these as an "obiter dictum".
My views, in most of the popular cases has been weird to say the least (that's what most of the people, who know me, say) and difficult to digest. My friends told me long back to shut my mouth up or face consequences which could be rather disturbing or unnerving to this pour soul. So I do practice that. I practice speaking less and not to speak unless forced to do so, I try not to pass any judgement consciously (though in the heat of the moment I do comment and face consequences) on any subject under the sun and have least knowledge about things which are publicly discussed. I try to act smart (remember, try to act) even though I look horrible on the face.Even after so many testing years I try to remain an "obiter dictum".
So what if I find that I cannot justify each and everything that Rama did against ravana but people call ravana a demon and Rama a god so easily. So what if I find that under no circumstances I could justify the death of Karna just because he fought for his friend, so what my conscience priks me when I feel utter pain at the death of Indrajit under abnormal circumstances. Majority says all is fair in the war and in the name of dharma.
As my mom told, majority is a force to reckon with grace, so do I.
I still cannot understand how indian history conveniently forgot eastern part of India (infact it has forgotten everyone except a few luckier souls who successively ruled India from back or front), how successive central governments found it difficult to handle the refugee problems in Bengal (mind you that the same problem was faced by Punjab) and how citizens of India got divided into east, west, south and north (I, for sure, know that people would brand me as a moribund,regional,anti-national dead intellectual and I think they are partially right, but so be it. If 99% of India could be regionalistic and believe in hegemony what's the problem with a minority like me ?).
It is difficult for me to crack the majority logic that because our economy is growing at 8%, we are a major force to reckon with and even though we have more than 40% of our people living in abject and unfathomable conditions we should be proud of what we have achieved after independence.There has to be an immense prudence in the majority to change logic at the least opposition so that they remain a majority to conveniently change everything (from constitution to social and logical followings) to suit them.
They are not opportunistic even if they support Bivhisana but hate Mirzafar (my head is surely up for grabs as I compare Bivhisana with Mirzafar), they are absolutely right when they justify the death of Karna and Duryodhon but show their muscle when we speak about Abhimunya. They cry for those who died at the concentration camps in Germany but ignores Hirosima/Nagasaki in public forum.
I was told that winners only get the chance to create history and hence they are absolutely right in judging what is right and what is wrong. Hence, I am not surprised that majority was, is and will always remain the winner.
And, I, as my mom told, still struggling to remain an "obiter dictum" for all practical purposes in whatever I see and talk about.