Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Farewell farewell...

As we turn to a new life and the parting time comes near, a thousand things crowd the mind. Some memories, lots of nostalgia to carry and some unforgettable ways of doing things to please the friends. A lot has been said and written about farewell and so would be done in future, but for everybody close, this would remain special for the tribute and toast. For those who have always spoke, spoke well, spoke with passion and fire and softly spoken from the one who has never spoken as he remained always in the awe of you.

Best of luck, to all of my friends here and remain as you all are, notwithstanding the inevitability of scaling newer heights in the life.

The flame is aiming high with the last rites
Burning continues, of the skin and the soul
Tragedy striking down to create a distance
Yet a happy and contended mind is watching
For you will taste success and always fight

A chapter in life has turned grey
Chapter with full of colours and pray
As roads widen to create new avenues
Making life more meaningful and bright
With new heights, challenges and rewards
This small past should remain green
A patch of oasis in deserted battlefield
To make us fresh and honest
For the unknown way where you preen.

No stones has remain unturned
All peaks visited and conquered
Always bearing the sensation of Dejavu
Scaling new heights and fearing none
A toast raised cheering every occasion

Friends as they say, remain for ever
And fare well after farewell is over
For, the journey only begins from here
In my absence there will be my prayers

If ever there is a dilemma or tough quay
A moment where you find none in the bay
Never mind and fight till you drop
For with every step of yours
There will be others who would gallop
And when you think that you need a hand
Just turn around to find fearless known faces
Who would happily give their way
For you to create history and win the day...

To my batch mates of PGP '05 - '07